Since June 2018, Oyster Box has guaranteed that all employees will earn the JPRestaurants Guaranteed Hourly Rate which is at least the equivalent of the Living Wage. This amount is £2.67 per hour more than the current Jersey Minimum Wage and is reviewed annually. Many of our team earn more than the Living Wage and everyone who has worked for Oyster Box for more than a year also gets their holiday off work, if it’s a day they normally work. So customers won’t be served by a team member working on their birthday!

For all our team we will guarantee that the hourly rate plus tips will be at least £10.55 an hour plus holiday entitlement. Unlike some restaurants, 100% of our customer tips are distributed to staff. Tips are a part of the hospitality industry and until a service charge is made compulsory, as it is in France where the price you see on the menu includes a service element, we feel we can’t increase prices and stop tipping due to the competitive environment. We would be supportive of the States of Jersey and UK changing the law to follow France.

For more information on our wage policy and working at Oyster Box please see the news section our group website.